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System Designer & Main Programmer

Global Game Jam 2020

Cute/SF Management Game


In this management game you play B@BY a small robot abandonned to their fate who has the heavy responsibility of rebuilding the robot society.


We made this game during the 2020’s Global Game Jam.

Engine: Unreal

Duration: 2 day game jam

Number of people: 3 Game Designer & 3 Game Artists

My role:

  • Game Designer
  • System Designer
  • Gameplay programmer

The Team

Alexandre Brodu
(System Designer & Main Programmer)

Theo Bacoux
(Game Designer & Level Designer)

Benjamin Pochard
(Game Designer)

Roxane Amouyal
(2D Artist & Art Direction)

Gaethan Bercet
(3D Artist)

Laura Molina
(3D Artist)