Villac, la cité du mensonge


Main Game Designer & Main Programmer

GameSup End-of-Courses project 2020

“Belle Epoque” inspired Detective Game


You play as a detective in an 1880’s French inspired City, who have the heavy charge to gather clues and interrogate suspects on the murder of notables before there’s more dead bodies.


Unveil is an end-of-courses project in last year of Gamesup Game Design School. 

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Duration: 4 month

Number of people: 11 people

My task:

  • Game Designer Gameplay
  • Gameplay Programmer

The Team

Alexandre Brodu
(Main Game Designer & Main Programmer)

Thomas Ducret
(Narrative Designer)

Nathanaël Dussaud
(Level Designer)

Gauthier Leblanc

Alan Robledillo
(Main Narrative Designer)

Jérome Trotta
(Game Designer & Narrative Designer)

Gaethan Bercet
(3D Artist & UI & Tech Artist)

Laure-Athénaëlle Demeocq
(3D Environment Artist)

Maxime Goichot
(3D Environment Artist)

Urszula Gorak
(Character Artist)

Alexane Le Saux
(3D Artist)

Valentin Ravinet
(Character Artist)

My Work

To better suit the needs of our project we divided our team between four groups : Game Design, Narrative Design, Character Artist & environment artist.

I worked as Main Game Designer as well as Main programmer.

During the project I worked on all the main gameplay features of the game as well as managing playtesting and feedbacks.

The Clue Board

The older version of the Clue Board (when it was still in 2D)
The final version of the Clueboard

The Clue Board :
   -You can pin every clues that you find in the game on it (from the notebook or the Map).
   -You  can create links between the clues to obtain deductions
   -Once you obtain a good deduction it can be use to teleport to the next location of the investigation

The Notebook

Design document of the feature intended for the programmer (me) & the UI artist
A database of all the clues found in the game

The Notebook is probably the most useful feature in the game :
   -Every clue you find is added somewhere in it.
   -You can read different pages of lore about Characters or Places
   -Work along with the other mechanic of the game like the Clue Board, the Autopsy, the inspection & the Dialogues

The Inspection

An early Mockup of the feature

The Inspection is a Common, but very useful feature in a detective game :
   -You can interact with different thing in the environment
   -You can rotate an zoom to inspect the object thoroughly
   -You can click on the small details of the object to add new clues on your notebook


The Dialogues

A dialogue tree I made from the lines of the narrative designer
The final Behavior tree of a conversation with one character



The Autopsy

A Mockup of the Autopsy
A Mockup of the Workshop

The Autopsie is a unique feature appearing in the Morgue :
   -Build your Autopsie tool with the Workshop.
   -With the right modules on your tool analyse the different parts of the body
   -Learn about the time / manner of death to progress in your investigation